Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is and what will be. Hammer of Protius

How to account for the world is simple for us: It exists or doesn't. We can, though, see a place to cause things to exist. It means that we can see into a future. We can predict what can happen. We can guess. We can make what are called inferred logical jumps. We can skip step 2 to see the miracle happen in step three. If this wasn't the case it would be hard for us to exist at all. How would we hunt? So many random acts happen in a day that it could be paralyzing to contemplate all the things that could possibly happen.

"Zed, Zed, Zed" the automated message whizzed out of the  probe through a radio signal  every three hours. This probe was simple in appearance. It had few functions, but quite a bit of processing power. It was one of hundreds that landed on this barren, cold, remote planet ten years ago. It networked with its brothers, and together they reported the weather conditions that they were experiencing. This probe also recorded its position as it moved across this sand-and-boulder covered landscape it now called home. It reported to the orbiting satellite that collected and compiled, and then sent summaries on to the probe's creators who wanted to find out more about this world.

The probe was the size of softball. It had three extensions it could use to walk, right itself, and send signals with. It was equipped with a camera that could view the spectrum from ultra-violet through infra-red. Its processing power was heuristic and networked with the other surface probes.

Earth years passed and information was collected and complied, and as this was done the weather of this planet became clear.

edited by Roger Bourke White Jr.


  1. Whoa, I like the language in this tale. But...the ending is confusing. Does this have to do with "random acts" in the first paragraph? Can you tell me? PLEASE???? I WANNA KNOW AND ITS KILLING ME! lol.

  2. If you want a longer story about probes landing on earth and doing things, try this one of mine: The Immortals.