Saturday, August 21, 2010

Penta Logical ...magic mechanics-modern magic fantasy

Oh alright...lay down the laws of the universe and someone says..."Well what if we do this?". The first to rule to the laws of the universe is that there are no rules. You have guide lines. So even though you should not summon powers or mess with fate, you can, but buyer beware. You might have to live up to the consequences of what you are doing but other beings may not. If you want to have a relatively safe life then you don't need to mess with spells or rituals or anything else. There is a reason you go to church and rituals are performed there. This for the other beings that watch this action by mortals respect this as someone else's turf. The souls inside it are basically  on sovereign ground. If you watch carefully you will notice that on many churches there are symbols and other things that come down from a long time ago. This is not by accident.

The old gods are not gone, but some have decided to let 'humans be humans'. It is all about perspective. How long has it been since gods have walked the earth? Do you know?
Better question is how would you know? If you think about it many gods look human. They think of humans as children, pets, or resources.  Gods care about each and everyone of you, for those and more reasons.  That's why you don't see a lot of direct interaction between humans and the divine. Any direct contact with humans invites other contact with humans. Don't believe it? Ok let's say a battle ship were to go off into the pacific and fire 40 rounds and say "we have had no activity in that area." Other countries would not believe it. They would send ships to find out what is happening. They would insist that we inform them of other things we were doing in the area. They would clamor for information. If a divine does the same thing others powers notice. They wonder what is happening. This often threatens the mortals life.
How would I know?

Let's just say I have a special perspective. I sit on low. No not that low. No sympathy for the unnamed one.
I am more of a pacifist. I didn't take sides in many of the great wars. Let;'s just say I am a spiritual conscientious objector, and leave it at that. Not to say I wouldn't be above performing 'works' but more to the point, you can say I have dipped my wings into the blood of mortals more then one time and had my fill.
I didn't fall I left. I don't think that's what everyone wanted, but during the great crisis I tended to the wounded, and help humanity become humanity.  It was no accident that a certain scientist got he sheets washed in boiling vinegar during a plague. Or that an apple didn't fall to far from a tree. I have worked with children to speak to truth at times to leaders of men. Timing is everything. What is time though to powers that have no concept of liner time?
It is easy to find me for the right person. You just can't have any self desires for it. You have to want to do it for someone else, to have someone to protect. The flaming sword of eternity is yours to wield, but to ask.
Long ago you could find me in a lake, now I am but a dream of a memory. In Poland I held an army to stick in place so that it could not kill anyone for long enough for the evil to die.
I place knowlege in hands of those without, you can find me in many ways. I am the candlelight of destiny.

signed - Raphael


  1. This is an interesting subject(this is California Brandon!!).
    From my religious standpoint, and C.S. Lewis's theory, I believe in one God, however, I don't disbelief in other greater spirits. Why do the greeks and the norsemen have myriad of gods and goddesses, and many of them are similiar? How did the culture come about? I even dare venture to ask a possible, a bit of sci-fi but "what if" question: Did aliens come to earth?
    I'll just leave it at that.

  2. This is unfinished as many of the stories are. They are meant to get things going. To start you down the path so you can fill in the stories.