Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tell me a ghost story about a real witch!-2

Jake was always there. He was like my dad or really my uncle in a way. When I went with my mom to a soccer game I could see him cheering in the stands. I always saw him with us. He was a ghost, but I put food on his grave. For fun I would always get him some doughnuts and coffee. Just thought it was funny in a way to make him a cliche in death as he was in life. It was ok though. I was a kid. You could see him eating the doughnuts though and the coffee I poured on his grave. It's true that if you attend a grave it makes spirits stronger. I don't know if it's the attention thing or praying at the grave, but it works. Latter I learned that Marlboro's would get me a letter hand written to get out a gym class from time to time, and a twelve year bottle of scotch, well that would get me primo intel on who was doing who in the school faculty. He called it "the four food groups".
Yeah he took money as a cop when he was alive and wasn't proud of it. 'You don't understand, I didn't have a choice, you didn't take it you got whacked, end of story. I took the money but I didn't take the bribe. One night they wanted me to look the other way, but how could I. This guy was an animal, but he was made, but what am I gonna do.  They have a code against that even in the organization, I had to do what I had to do, a week later I was cut up and sent to parts unknown. I was that way a long time till your mom found me, put me together, PTSD my ass. You ever been cut up while you where alive? They wanted to send a message, end of story."  That is his montra. Some ghost are particularly traumatized will say things over and over again. Takes centuries of talking to get it all out. Jake is steady when I need him though. He still isn't afraid of anything or anyone. He's the guy you send in when you need it close and fast. He doesn't read minds, but he can read people. Better they can read him. Jake never threatens anyone, he doesn't have to.
Jake spent his life protecting people, he has that with him in death too. He is never stronger then when he has someone to protect.  I am not married but the wedding ring I wear is his old one that was severed off him while he was still alive. It's better then GPS, still he always has me training. I thought he couldn't touch me, one day I was a little light on my manners and well, five minutes of wall to wall theropy, and I was all better in the mouth department. I wear his ring so he can touch me and I can touch him. See and then there is the other part of the deal. I have to listen to him, talk to him, cause as long as I wear his ring not nobody or nothing will touch me, but I still have to find a way to put him all back together so he can go see his wife one day.
When he is ready he will leave me, so he is going to make sure I am ready like it or not.

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