Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The first blog

This is the first blog for me. That is I, which compose the team of we who are Sector Five Radio.
For those of you who follow our current three hours of the weird, the strange or the Sci Fi happening. I am Capt. Proton.

It seems that I am now making this unauthorized, unexpected, and orphan blog to show people in the real world what we do to make radio happen for you every Saturday night. I don't really run the website. I just add to it. I don't run the controls at the radio station, I just book guests and respond to comments about it. Matter of fact your chance to get noticed on this blog are high enough that if you are really interesting, if you have a pulse and you can describe yourself well enough, we just might let you on the show sometime, no promises.
I started the show basically to help all the people around me. Several people you might understand now I know are un or under employed. For a long time I have been a cynic of the paranormal. To say more to the point "I want to believe.". If you think that we have far too many Big Foot Strories on or that we have Far Far Away too many Ufo Stories on, then you need to know that we cover a lot of ground for three hours on a live CALL in show. Why call in? We are two way radio. We look for your posts and tweets and facebook comments. We look for your flames about everyone, we love all our fans. We want you to be part of the action. I wanted to make a place where all the smart kids could go to listen to others tell stories.

So this is my part to tell stories. I have made acquaintance with over forty well known and not so well know Sci-Fi Authors. While I would never be nearly as good as many of them I want to try to empathize with them by writing myself. Putting myself out there for others to see. It is a safe place behind a desk and doing critiques of others but for me it is a cowards road worn with those who have gone before me. Therefore it is time for your Captain to strike out and tell one for the road. I don't claim my stories are going to be the best you have ever read, but at least I will give it a try.
Michael Tanner

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